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All about SEO but were afraid to ask

All about SEO but were afraid to ask

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When it comes to Small Business Websites there is one topic that everyone wants to learn more about. How to get to the top of Google. This art form - it's definitely not a science - is called Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO if you want to sound techie). This article will explain everything you need to know in LAYMANS language and what you can do to improve your page ranking.

If you follow these steps and the gods are looking down on you with compassion in their hearts and not doing more important things like making sure facebook  doesn't go down then you may obtain your ultimate goal - To be at the top of Google with your chosen keywords.

Here are some basic terms first;

Keywords - These are just plain ol' words that you think people will search on to find your business. Some examples are "affordable websites Port Stephens" or "Port Stephens Web Designer" - More on keywords below.

On-Page SEO - The position and quantity of your nominated keywords both displayed in your content and placed in special areas of your website pages. You or your website designer should know how and where to place these.

Off-Page SEO - This is everywhere else on the internet  that displays content and links BACK INTO YOUR WEBSITE.

Lets get started

First of all the formula (or Algorithm if you want to impress your friends) to get to the top of Google is very complicated, completely secret (like the 12 herbs and spices type secret) and changes many times a month - just to make things fun.

There are some really useful guidelines, however,  that does improve your chances of improving your page ranking (ie where you are placed on Google search page for your chosen keywords).

Googles algorithm also has a weighting system where some factors are more important than others. Nobody really know the exact weighting that is applied to each factor but the items below are some of the major ones.

To improve your Google page ranking try to make as many of the following suggestions as possible.

  1. Make sure you keywords and phrases are in the content of your home page, footer and title (ask your web designer if you don't know what or where this is). This is called ON-PAGE SEO
  2. Links to your website from OTHER websites are very important. Business Directories, Industry specific websites / forums, suppliers and anywhere you can think of where you can place your business name, what you do and of course and link back to your website. This OFF-PAGE SEO is just as important as your ON-PAGE SEO.
  3. Social Media exposure also contributes to the overall SEO of your website. Basically the more exposure your business has on-line the more important and relevant your business is to Google. Youtube videos, Facebook marketing, instagram and snapchat all add credibility to your on-line profile.
  4. Google MyBusiness (which includes your business location on Google Maps) is a must have. As it's all part of Google it goes without saying that the more info Google can find out about you the more chance it will rank your business higher than similar businesses that Google knows less about.

There are a number of other SEO factors but I want to keep this article to a reasonable length. If you want to know more on this subject or how to specifically use the recommendations for your business then just CONTACT ME and I can send you a more comprehensive guide and instructions.